selected writings

i. catalogues and books (author, editor, or translator)

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OPEN EV+A 2007: A SENSE OF PLACE. Exh. cat. (Limerick, Ireland: Limerick City Gallery of Art, 2007).


THOUGHT THROUGH MY EYES: WRITINGS ON ART, 1977–2005 (Putnam, Conn.: Spring Publications, 2006).

THE REST IS SILENCE: JAMES LEE BYARS. Exh. cat. (New York: Mary Boone, Perry Rubenstein, and Michael Werner Galleries, 2006).

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THE GENIUS DECISION: THE EXTRAORDINARY AND THE POSTMODERN CONDITION, second, revised and expanded edition (Putnam, Conn.: Spring Publications, 2015)

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THE ESSENTIAL MICHELANGELO (New York: Harry N. Abrams/The Wonderland Press, 2000).

MARK MORRISROE (Santa Fe: Twin Palms Publishing, 1999).


ii. essays, articles, and interviews

“Milton Falling,” in MILTON RESNICK: HAWKEYE. Exh. cat. Van Doren Waxter, New York, 2022.

Yves Klein e la sua idea di azzurro dell’acqua e dell’aria,” in GNOSIS: RIVISTA ITALIANA DI INTELLIGENCE 3 (2020): 30–37.

“The Attended Moment: Arlene Shechet’s Mindful Installation at The Phillips Collection,” in ARLENE SHECHET: FROM HERE ON NOW. Exh. cat. The Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C., 2017.

“The Cloud of Unknowing: Jake Berthot's Paintings,” in JAKE BERTHOT: FROM THE COLLECTION AND PROMISED GIFTS. Exh. cat. The Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C., 2017

“Peindre le corps électrique,” in KAREL APPEL: L’ART EST UNE FÊTE! Exh. cat. Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris, 2017.

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Entries on “James Lee Byars, Janine Antoni, Roni Horn, Ann Hamilton, Christian Marclay, Agnes Martin, Larry Poons, Richard Prince, Mike and Doug Starn, Rackstraw Downes, Peter Voulkos, David Wojnarowicz, Neil Jenney, Dorothy Miller, and the American Federation of Arts,” in GROVE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN ART, Oxford University Press.

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